Free Beer

Requests for free beer have been increasing exponentially of late so we’ve included a short guide on the website for those of you who are considering making a request.

Producing beer costs us money: not only for ingredients and labour, but duty, packaging, and transport costs too. Overall this leaves only a small profit margin and none of us involved in the brewery are planning on private-jetting over to the Bahamas any time soon.  We are a small business and intend to stay that way. That means we don’t have extensive marketing budgets or external investment and the only way we can pay our bills is by charging for the produce we make.

We do on occasion donate small amounts of beer to charity events or non profit initiatives (and are always interested in our edible/drinkable waste experiencing a better fate than landfill or industrial effluent). However if you own/operate/work for a business which makes money (either directly or indirectly) from supplying beer to people, you should not expect that we will be providing ours for free, no matter how worthy you think your cause is or how much benefit you think we’ll derive from it.

We’ve found that when people request free beer they rarely use the word “free”. Instead they use euphemism and imply a gift without asking for it directly. This has led to us having to cancel events at the last minute when it became clear that the organisers were expecting a donation but hadn’t communicated this clearly to us.

If you’re planning on making a request for free beer, be explicit about it. Tell us who will benefit from the donation rather than what we will gain. Don’t attempt to lull us with promise of “exposure”. We consider every can that leaves our little railway arch to generate the same amount of exposure as any other. And I personally am just as happy to see it end up in the hands of a housewife from Basingstoke as a beer blogger or journalist.

Please also think before requesting samples. Sending you a sample means opening a box and taking out a can to send to you. The rest of the box is then unsaleable and results in one of our customers experiencing disappointment when we’re not able to fulfil their order because we’re out of stock.

Our beer is available nationwide and if you’d like to try it before buying we can help you find an outlet near you. Or you can look on Untappd, Ratebeer, or any number of other online resources if you’d like to get an idea of our reputation before taking a punt.

Also under no circumstances will we provide samples to businesses who have previously stocked our beer. If you’re subject to such high staff-turnover rates that theres nobody left to remember what our beer tasted like last time you stocked it, then we’d prefer you trust the judgment of your predecessors than make repeated sample requests to us.

Thanks for understanding

Mike Marcus