Citra Brett Pale 4.5% ABV

No brewers’ yeast was used to make this beer. Instead we ferment entirely with Brettanomyces, a wild yeast found in sourdough bread and natural wine. The beer is then dry hopped in the fermenter for a tropical tang.

Water: From Thirlmere in the Lake District via the Manchester municipal water supply

Grain: Maris Otter barley ale malt, British barley Vienna-style malt, unmalted barley

Hops: Citra (US), Waimea (NZ)

Microbes: Rotating batch by batch between different strains of Brettanomyces yeast which we’ve been digging out of old, dusty German beer bottles:

Interesting stuff:

Batch 3 (not released yet) was fermented with two individual strains (both suspected Brettanomyces) of wild yeast isolated from a 1977 bottle of Hochschul Berliner Weiße donated to us by the VLB. The strains have been named HS-1 and HS-2 respectively.


Batch 1 (dated BB 10/02/2021) and Batch 2 (dated BB 25/02/2047) was fermented with a single (suspected Brettanomyces) wild strain isolated from a bottle of Rheinsberg Weißbier circa 1970’s/80’s. The strain has been named RB-1.