Amarillo Sour 5.4% ABV

Based on the sour beer traditions or Prussia and Saxony but brewed like a modern pale ale.

This beer is fermented twice: firstly with Lactobacillus to give a balanced acidity and then with a British strain of brewers’ yeast for smooth body. It’s then dry hopped to give big juicy flavours with negligible bitterness.

Water: From Thirlmere in the Lake District via the Manchester municipal water supply

Grain: 100% British barley ale malt

Hops: Bramling Cross (UK), Amarillo (US), Vic Secret (Australia)

Microbes: Lactobacillus brevis, WLP-002 (a strain of ale yeast rumoured to have originated at Fullers Brewery in London)

Interesting stuff: The wort (unfermented beer) is soured by holding the collected runnings from the mash at 44ºc overnight with intentionally introduced bacteria. Although people think of it as a modern method, it was patented in Germany by Franke in 1906 as a way to introduce consistency to the production of Berliner Weisse.