Trouble with yeast

There’s been a lot less posting here than I imagined. The chaos of co-ordinating the development of a new brewery meant that I didn’t have any time to update this blog.

In the end a single delay stopped us having beer out in time for the party season. All the building work went as planned. The equipment was fabricated and installed on time. The electrics and plumbing were carried out flawlessly. And then the brewery sat there for a month while we waited for yeast. Twice we received a culture and sent it to the lab, only to be told that it was infected with an unknown bacteria. Finally we switched suppliers and after a four week delay, received a bucket of sludge, verified clean from contamination and ready to put into the fermenters.

So now we’re on the verge of releasing the first two beers. Rowan will be updating the blog from now on so expect both something to drink and something to read in the following weeks.