It’s been a while since I updated the news section of this site. In fact it’s been a while since I stopped for breath.

After a looooong period of writing business plans, going to the bank, getting loans approved, standing by while the bank changed their minds, and repeating the process two or three times, we finally got our funding. Instantly things went from a crawl to top gear and my feet haven’t touched the ground since.

The great thing about having such a long period of preparation (9 months in total), is that everything is hyper-planned. Although everyone’s been telling me that I should expect delays and inflating budgets (and I planned accordingly), the project is so far a little under budget and steaming along at about three times the expected speed. As a result it looks like there will be beer in the fermenters by the beginning of November and bottles on the shelves easily in time for the winter party season.

Expect to see photos of concrete floors being dug up and stainless tanks being winched in over the next few weeks. Then lots of waffle about beer.

I’m really looking forward to this adventure.